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About Us

Meediary is an Audio and Video sharing social networking platform created by Muhammad Ibrahim Sani which started as an hobbie project,it was letter discovered to be an idea for creating world wide vidoes and audios sharing social network. We created and developed meediary to help users share thier created content(videos and audio) to get paid by us, per 1000 views(for videos). while 1000 listens(for audio).Meediary was also developed to help users search for videos and audios for downloading to thier device storage. We develope meediary to connect contents creators to thier audiens throught: comments,reply, and chatting.


Organized world media to make it accessible by consumers world wide.
We developed Meediary to provide faster and easier way for searching,watching,listening and downloading media files.



Developed and maintain by Megazoz.A Nigerian Technology startup company that speciallized at internet related services.founded by Muhammad Ibrahim Sani.